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Dentures St. JosephFor patients who are missing teeth, the simple act of introducing themselves to someone new can be stressful and embarrassing. Just as with other imperfections in the smile, missing teeth can negatively impact a patient’s appearance, oral health, and self-esteem. At Dr. Mark Bagby DDS Family Dentistry, Dr. Bagby wants all of his patients to be able to feel good about their smile and enjoy sound oral health. That’s why he offers full and partial dentures at his St. Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri dental offices, as an effective solution to missing teeth.

His vast experience serving the dental needs of seniors has made Dr. Bagby an expert at the fitting and placement of dentures. If missing or severely decayed teeth are taking a toll on your appearance and health, contact our dental practice today to see if dentures are right for you.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that are used to replace a patient’s teeth after tooth loss. Dr. Bagby offers both full and partial dentures to patients who visit his St. Joseph or Kansas City dental practice. These synthetic teeth are a viable option for individuals who have lost a few, or all, of their teeth due to trauma or decay. Dentures are unlike other restorative dentistry options such as implants or bridges, because while they can be a long-lasting solution, they are not permanently fixed in the mouth. Instead, dentures can be removed as the patient wishes, including at night for cleaning. Most dentures are made of a strong plastic material, although patients may also opt for a porcelain variety.

The Placement of Dentures

The process for receiving dentures is highly individualized and takes place over the course of several office visits. Before a patient can be fitted for dentures, his or her gums must completely heal from any extraction procedure. Once this has happened, Dr. Bagby will evaluate the patient’s mouth, taking X-rays, measurements, and impressions in order to get an accurate picture of the structure of the mouth. He will also create moldings and model dentures for the patient to try on, and will assess the fit before sending the final denture shape to be made.

The Benefits of Dentures

For patients who are missing several or all of their teeth, dentures offer a safe, practical, and effective solution. This restorative dentistry option has both cosmetic and functional benefits that can drastically improve a patient’s daily life. Some of the benefits that dentures offer include:

  • Restoring an attractive, healthy looking smile
  • Preventing the development of jaw disorders, gum disease, and infection
  • Supporting the facial structures and preventing a “caved-in” look
  • Reducing sensitivity and increasing daily comfort
  • Improving speech, chewing, and patient confidence
  • Can last up to 15 years

Learn More about Dentures

Replacing missing teeth is important for the well-being of a patient’s health and appearance. Dentures offer an effective and affordable solution to tooth loss. If you are interested in finding out if dentures are right for you, contact our St. Joseph or Kansas City practice today to schedule a free consultation.

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